"Who will hold my hand and take me forward?" An unanswered question which is distinctly visible in the eyes of a child when he steps out of the cozy lap of mother, secure environment of home. Then, school becomes a second home and the teachers with care and affection shoulder the responsibility of training the character. The mysteries of the world are unraveled and the new vistas explored. Besides, the feeling of responsibility is to be instilled in young minds and the body; will and intellect are to be disciplined as education aims at the holistic approach to life This task becomes more onerous at the crucial juncture when a tidal wave of change is sweeping across the world.
While Progress of science has revolutionized the entire life but it has also provided many types of divergent pulls that create imbalance in the minds of the young. This imbalance can be removed only through education mingled with tradition-an outcome of our accumulated social experiences. We have to stick to the righteous path even in the times of turbulence.

A true value based education system at DPS Bulandshahr endows the students with the spiritual fervor leading to fearlessness and dynamism to meet life's most critical situations efficiently. We know that the immense burst of energy in our children needs to be mobilized if we are to forge ahead. The activities conducted throughout the session pave the path to a smoother future.

DPS BSR has completed its fifteen glorious years and has emerged as an institute par excellence with the dedicated efforts of the team members and the active support of the parents.